The Creative Energy of Collaboration

Contrary to the stories we hear, great discoveries, great creations, are not typically the work of a single person.  Genius usually result from collaboration.  


In his book "Powers of Two: Seeking the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs," essayist, author, curator Joshua Wolf Shenk delves into the relationships of some famous duos to illuminate the shared sparks that generated their greatest achievements. Sometimes, one half of the duo got little credit, but their input was nonetheless decisive. 

  As part of his appearance in Seattle in the Fall of 2014,  Shenk conducted a workshop in Seattle with  Jess Van Nostrand, Founder of The Project Room Seattle,  

Van Nostrand created the The Project Room with her collaborators to create a virtual and physical space to explore big ideas and spark an inquisitive approach to the arts.

This final podcast in this series. "In Residence" illustrates the topic, it was a collaboration between Steve Scher, Elana Jacobs, Stesha Brandon, Weir Harman and the staff at Town Hall. It was better for the shared input.


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It will be a collaboration, especially if you are part of it.

Thank You.