At Length with Hedrick Smith, Winning Back Our Democracy

Who will win in the fight for access and control? Here is Hedrick Smith’s documentary.

Our Democracy is broken. Gerrymandering, dark money in politics, and voter suppression undermine the promise of one person, one vote. But Documentarian Hedrick Smith argues in his new film, “Winning Back Our Democracy,” grassroots activists are having some success making that promise a little more real. The film is available on YouTube. Viewing it may give you some hope.

But in this wide-ranging discussion, we agree that hope and ethics have to go hand in hand and an effective media has to go beyond the verbal battles of D.C. and see what people are doing in their communities.

Searching for The People vs The Politicians, Winning Back our Democracy will also bring you to other talks by Smith.

He brings his film to Town Hall April 8th 2019, 7:30 to The Summit on Pike.

As a reporter for the New York Times, Hedrick Smith covered the US civil rights struggle. He was a member of the Times team that produced the series on the Pentagon papers. He won a Pulitzer for his reporting on the Soviet Union and the Cold War.

He has produced documentaries including for PBS and Frontline on the Enron Scandal, the environment, Washington’s power game as well as Duke Ellington’s Washington.

He is the author of many books. In 2012 he wrote the best-selling “Who Stole The American Dream.”

You can find Hedrick Smith’s documentary “Winning Back Our Democracy” on Youtube. Search for “The People vs. The Politicians, Winning Back our Democracy. “

Smith talks about the activism and democracy for Town Hall at 7:30, Monday April 8th at The Summit on Pike.

You can hear an excerpt from this interview with Hedrick Smith at the podcast I put out with Jini Palmer for Town Hall, “In The Moment.” Find it wherever you find your podcasts.