Nashville- Vichayapai, Copoloff, Tran, Michener, Raman and Halprin

The struggles for civil rights in America didn't happen by accident. The actions that led to the end of Jim Crow were planned and executed by people trained in direct action.

54 people are on a bus traveling across the American South. First Stop, Nashville, home of American Baptist College and Fisk University, two Historically Black Colleges where civil rights eraprotests and actions of the late 1950's and 1960's were planned and co-ordinated by students.

Community member Marissa Vichayapai, Bellevue College Student Chloe Copoloff, UW student and leader Simon Tran, Community member and Bellevue College High School teacher Luke Michener, Bellevue student Shreyas Raman  and Community member Mike Halprin talk about their experiences as the pilgrimage begins.