Robert Moses, Civil Rights Hero

Robert Moses is a civil rights hero. The chronicler of the civil rights era during the King years, Taylor Branch, says that Moses was a self-effacing, observant and sensitive leader. He told one newspaper, “"To this day he is a startling paradox. I think his influence is almost on par with Martin Luther King, and yet he's almost totally unknown


He is not unknown to generations of students who have benefited from Moses’ belief in the power of math to open doors to opportunity. His Macarthur Genius award testifies to the belief people have in Robert Moses’ approach to civil rights in a time when education holds the key to challenging oppression and prejudice. He continues to work through his national non-profit, “The Algebra Project,” using mathematics  as an organizing tool to pursue quality public school education for every child in America.



Robert Moses was in Seattle as a guest of Washington Stem and Project Pilgrimage. He spoke about his own work within the context of American history and his current path to a small group of Project Pilgrimage alums in late November 2017.


Project Pilgrimage’s Sharayah Lane, along with freelance journalist Steve Scher, led the discussion.