Two Views of Empire Builders:"The Strangler Vine" and "American Reckoning"

Nancy Pearl, Steve Scher and Katy Sewall nibble at the Bryant Corner Cafe while talking about two books that offer different approaches to the same overarching theme- how empire builders move across the landscape into history.

The first is an historical account of the American Vietnam War.  Christian Appy, “American Reckoning: The Vietnam War and Our National Identity” connects our current foreign policy actions to the attitudes that were revealed during our long war against Vietnam. 

"The Strangler Vine" is a classically styled mystery set in the British Raj. Though lighter and more of a swashbuckler, the actions of the British colonialists are on full display. 

We also touched on a couple of American crime writers, Ross Macdonald and Ross Thomas.  Both worth a look and worth a whole show. That is coming soon.

We won't be at the Bryant Corner Cafe for a few weeks. We will be back with the live taping April 21st, 3:15. Love to see you there with books to share while we explore what books to add to our growing stack.