Armchair Travel Books

A great armchair travel book can take you to places you just might not ever want to go to in person, too cold, too hot, too many snakes. 

Armchair Travel Books from this episode


Bill Bryson, “A Walk In The Woods”, “In A Sunburned Country”

 (Jan) James Morris, “Coronation Climb” and others by Morris

Jon Krakauer, “Into Thin Air”

Redmond O’Hanlon, “Into the Heart of Borneo” and his other travel books.

Robert Van Gulik,  “The Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee” and others in the series (China)

Collin Cotterill, “The Coroner’s Lunch” and others in the series (Laos)

Janet Wallach, “Desert Queen.”

Scott Anderson, “Lawrence in Arabia”

Vivian Russell, “Monet’s Garden.”

 Christina Thompson, “Come on Shore and We Will Eat You All”

Richard Flannigan, “Wanting”

Matthew Kneale, “English Passengers”