Cocoon Of Cancer Author Abbe Rolnick Talks with Steve Scher

You get that dreaded phone call from your loved one, who tells you, “I have cancer.”  

How do you share the pain and the fear? 

Nancy is off this week and we have an interview Steve did with a northwest author.


 In a sense it is following up on last week's episode about romance and love.  

Here is a true love story. 

For writer Abbe Rolnick, the love and sharing over that dreaded diagnosis took the form of words, essays and poems written in the moment, day-to-day, hour-to-hour. 

Cocoon of Cancer is a collection of those moments between Abbe and her husband, Jim Wiggins, an ecologist. 

For links to their readings and appearances, you can start at her homepage or on her Facebook page.


We are back at the Bryant Corner Café on Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2016.


 Join us there at 3:15 for a lively discussion. Oh, it gets lively.  Half-price cookies gets everyone on a sugar jag and we start spouting off about the great books in our stack. 

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