New Books From Northwest Writers.

Steve had the chance to talk to a few Northwest based writers who have new books on the way. That prompted Nancy to share a few new books by Northwesterners that she is reading right now too.

“Lovecraft Country,” by Matt Ruff. Nancy says Ruff takes the thriller into new and surprising territory. This story begins as a very realistic novel, set in 1954, when a young black man is stopped by a white policeman and told to leave town. But soon enough we are sucked into a story of horror, power and racism.  Nancy says Ruff does amazing things with his novels. Check out his earlier novel, “The Mirage.”


The Immortal Irishmen: the Irish Revolutionary Who Became American Hero,” is best selling writer Tim Egan’s engrossing story of the 19th century Irish-American leader Thomas F. Meager. It too is a story with modern echoes. Here is the nativism of the anti-Irish movement. It will remind many readers of today’s anti-immigrant hysteria.


“The Eruption: The Untold Story of Mount. St. Helens.” Is Steve Olson’s fascinating book that takes another look at the 1980 eruption. Steve Scher has a conversation with Steve Olson on stage at Town Hall March 7th at 7:30.


Jim Lynch is another Northwest author with a new book coming out. Nancy admires the author and expects “Before the Wind,” will be a high point of her spring reading.


Happy reading folks!


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