Dipping our New Year's Toes into First Novels.

It's a new year, time for throwing caution to the wind, time to carouse with wild abandon. Well, at least it's a good time to check out some new novels by first time novelists.

Among the books we discussed, S.M. Hulse's "Black River" and Emma Hooper's, "Etta and Otto and Russell and James."

Say, send us a picture. Perhaps a picture of that little free library near your home. Or, how about this. We are going to do a show soon on those books on your bookshelf that you've never read, but saved because you are going to get to them soon, real , real soon. Send us a picture of you holding that book. 

Or, of course, we would love a picture of that stack of books that sits by your bed or your reading chair.

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Happy reading.