Memorable Memoirs

 Nancy Pearl tells Steve Scher she has become intrigued by a few new memoirs. Sometimes she finds the writing in memoirs swinging a little too close to wince-worthiness.   But of course, the genre is also capable of producing truly memorable stories. 

Nancy enjoyed a new work by Roger Cohen of the New York Times,  "The Girl From Human Street: Ghosts Of Memory In A Jewish Family."  It never descends into pathos. 

Also, Kate Moses, “Cakewalk: A Memoir.” She says it’s a lovely book where each chapter ends with a recipe.


Just a few of the other books we discuss.

Daniel Mendelsohn “The Lost: A Search For 6 among Six Million

Blaine Harden’s “Escape from Camp 14”

Will Schwalbe “The End of Your Life Bookclub.”

Haven Kimmel  “ A Girl Named Zippy: Growing Up Small in Moreland Indiana”

Wes Moore, "The Other Wes Moore” 

Ann Hood, “The Obituary Writer”

Roger Lipsey, “Hammarskjöld: A Life”

John Marzluff, “Subirdia “

Charles Emmerson, "1913: In Search of the World Before the Great War”

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